8 Simple Ways That You Can Opt for Removing Dents Without Ruining The Paint of your Vehicle

Avoiding your car or vehicle from dent is next to impossible. So, if you cannot prevent your car or vehicle from dents, you can always get rid of them by employing some handy tricks. There are plenty of tricks that you can employ on DIY basis to make a small dent or ding disappear from the body of your car without affecting the paint and finish of the car.

Remove Dent From Car
Remove Dent From Car

Here are few effective and reliable methods that you can use to remove dents from your vehicle body –

Utilize a plunger – Plunger can help you unclog a drain and it also aids in getting rid of dents that are small or medium in size.  You just need to splash some water on the dent and plunger and make sure you are pushing and pulling the dent so that it pops out. To get best results, it is important that you are using a cup plunger instead of flanger plunger.

 Make use of Boiling water to treat dents – One of the best methods that you can try to minimize the effect of a dent is by putting some boiling water on to it. Plastic bumpers and dents on them get stiff with time, so using boiled water on them can surely prove effective.

Remove dent through a hair dryer and air compressor – Another popular method that you can rely upon to remove dents from your vehicle is by using hair dryer and air compressor. The process to remove the dent is simple, first you are required to heat the targeted area using hair dryer to its highest temperature. This will result in expanding of the plastic of the car. Once the targeted area gets hot enough, you need to spray compressed air from the compressor on the targeted area. This process will enable the plastic to contract making the dent pop out.

Dry ice is also an effective way of removing dents – Essentially used as a cooling agent; you can use dry ice to remove dents from your car. To remove the dents, you need to hold down a significant size of dry ice piece against the vehicle body to rub it continuously on the dent. To remove the dent effectively, you need to rub the ice piece until you hear the dent popping back to its normal place.

Utilize a vacuum cleaner along with pot – One of the best ways that you can try to remove dent from your vehicle is through the process of suction. However for it to be effective, you require a dent puller that is able to generate right amount of power. To ensure that you are able to generate proper suction power you can simply use a bucket or pot along with some tape to hold them together. For the process to be effective, you need to make a small hole beneath the pot to install vacuum cleaner hose under it. Now, you can use it on the dent to effectively improve the condition of the dent.

Some other methods

  • Wooden dowels, hot glue and screws also prove effective in removing the dents from vehicle body.
  • You can also use long metal rod and knockdown in suggested manner to lessen the affect of dent on your vehicle.
  • There is variety of specialty tools available in the market tailor-made for removing dents from vehicle can also be preferred for this purpose.