Follow Simple Ways to Make Your Car Look Brand New

Always Wash Your Vehicle Using the Right Soap

When washing your car, it is important that you avoid using hand dishwashing liquid as it leads to degreasing.

Car Washing Tips
Car Washing Tips

Although, the foam helps in removing dirt and dust from the vehicle’s body but at the same time it absorbs the oil that is responsible for maintaining the car paint finish. Therefore, to clean your car perfectly, it is important that you utilize a cleaner specially manufactured for cleaning the vehicles. You simply need to stir and mix the cleaner in a bucket of water which can wash the car quite satisfactorily without affecting its polish in any manner.
Make sure you are polishing the finishes – Often car owner’s mistake waxing with polishing which affects the overall cleaning. Waxing is different from polishing. It is important to polish the car as it helps in removing the scratches and imperfections and gives a perfect finish to the overall shine of the car. Polishing is very vital as it gives a glossy shine to your vehicle and enhances its overall look. Investing in a branded polish is important and you can simply apply few drops on a pad to clean your vehicle and to give it a perfect finish.

Use Synthetic Wax for a Mirror Finish

In order to give your vehicle a new look, you can use synthetic polymer waxes. Easy to use, these synthetic waxes can be put to a foam applicator and be applied to the car or vehicle so as to get a superior finish and look. Waxing does not lead to accumulation of white spots and makes the whole body become newer and more appealing.

Remove The Dust as You Clean The Vehicle

It is advisable to first dry clean your car, before using water and soap over it. While cleaning the vehicle’s interior, it is important that you start cleaning the dust as you go down your way. Make sure you are cleaning the upper portion of the vehicle, as well. Don’t forget to vacuum the headliner, dashboard along with the door panels and console. To sweep the dust out of the car, you can use a small detailing brush. You must make sure that you get hold of all the dust with the help of the vacuum cleaner.
• Once you have cleaned the interiors, it is most important that you spray over the whole space. You can target different opening within the interior and spray the mist into such openings to thoroughly clean the interiors.
• If you have wrapped your car seat with leather covers, then cleaning the leather is also extremely important and for this purpose, you must have a leather cleaning kit. It is easily available in the market. To clean, you need to slide the seats of the car, in forward and backward directions & in order to clean the floor of the vehicle, you’ll need a small brush or a car vacuum cleaner.