Follow Important Tips to Paint Your Car’s Interior in a Professional Manner

Painting the interior of your car is one of the best ways to make your car look interesting and more appealing from inside. Apart from giving your car a plush look, painting enhances its resale value as well. Getting the interior paint

Car Interior
Car Interior

done by experts may prove too costly and it increases the operating cost of the car, as well. Contrary to popular belief, you can paint the interiors of your car i.e. do it yourself! Anyone can paint their car but for it they need to have patience, little skills and eye for detailing.

Ideally, you should have a garage so that you can be with your car for required period of time. Here are some handy tips and method that you can follow to paint the interiors of your car, effectively and in desired manner.

Important things required for painting –

For cleaning

  • 600 grit sand paper
  • Fabric or leather cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Fiber terry towels of 6-8 micro fiber

For Masking

  • Magazines containing thick pages
  • Large garbage bags
  • 2 rolls of blue masking tape

For painting

  • Leather paint spray cans
  • One fabric spray paint
  • Rubber gloves, face mask and clear goggles

For Finishing

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Leather conditioner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Steam setting iron

Steps for cleaning and prepping

The first step that you need to follow is to clean the entire interior of any dust, dirt or debris using microfiber terry towel. It is important that you clean thoroughly all the windows, door panels, corners as well as seats. You can use fabric cleaner and spray it all round the seats as well as doors so as to clean the interior immaculately.

Covering and masking tips

  • The interior should be covered perfectly so that you are able to paint your car interiors spotlessly. Make sure you are working in dust- free garage where temperature is moderate. Once you have cleaned the whole interior, it should be now masked and covered with the help of masking tape.
  • To start with masking, you should try and cover the sections that are needed to be painted. It is important that you pay attention to detail and cover all the corners, seat belts and seams. To cover and mask perfectly, you should go slowly about your business.
  • For covering areas that are larger, you need to use garbage bags and magazine paper. You can also cut the garbage bag as per your requirement to cover the dash board, floor panels as well as middle console. To make sure that paint gets done perfectly, you cover everything that needs not to be painted.

Painting and post painting tips

  • Post covering and masking, now you need to begin with the process of painting. To start with painting, shake the spray can for at least a minute and begin with light coats. Apply the spray side by side that should not be more than 6inches in width.
  • Allow the coat to dry for a period of 10 minutes. You can go for heavy spraying with their coat to get desired result. Total coat should be 3 to 4 times and you should prevent drips so as to get desired finish.
  • Once you have done spraying and applying coats, let the paint dry for a while. Now look for imperfections if any and try improving them by removing extra paint with the help of paper towel. To get the best finish, you can spray and apply leather conditioner on the paint using a clean microfiber towel.